Book your FREE Peak Gait Analysis *


We are proud to offer our customers bespoke and personalised gait analysis by one of our team.  *And if you buy a pair of our shoes this service will be FREE.

Regular price is £15.

Why have a Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is a way of helping us determine which running shoe is best for you.  We will talk to you about your current running and any previous injuries that may affect the way you run.

What we’ll do!

We will put you in a neutral shoe and get you running on our treadmill for around 20-30 seconds. This will allow us to look at how you are running, where you are landing and for any misalignments biomechanically within the ankles or knees.  We’ll be looking for pronation. Pronation looks at the way in which your foot rolls inwards and outwards as it strikes the floor. Understanding your pronation type is important for selecting the right type of running shoe and ultimately could help you to avoid injury.

Once we have finished recording your running, we will show you a replay. By looking at how you run and taking into consideration your running goals and any previous injuries, we can understand what type of shoe will suit you best.


For the appointment, please bring along a pair of sports socks and ensure that we’re able to see your ankles clearly whilst on the treadmill.

To book and appointment, please contact us on 01782 644861 or Book Now