Running Shoes, Clothing & Accessories

Everything you need for your run

Are you are new to running or a seasoned competitor? A regular Parkrunner looking to do more? a local club-runner or triathlete?

However you run, we can help sort out the right running shoes and accessories for you.

Your running shoes are probably the most important piece of your running kit.

They need to fit well. They need to be comfortable.  They also need to protect your foot from injury! Ill-fitting shoes can encourage you to change your stride, and this could cause problems.
If your foot rolls in as you run, you are an over-pronator. If your foot rolls outwards, you are a supinator. If you do neither, you have a neutral gait. However you run, we have an extensive range of running shoes that will suit you.

We also offer gait analysis, nutrition, clothing, and accessories.

Your running clothes should keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm! We’ve got it all. Shorts, running tights, Tops for all seasons. We have all the layers to keep you running all year round as well as waterproof running jackets. Nutrition to keep hydrated and the energy levels up.

We offer our customers bespoke and personalised gait analysis by one of our team. 

*And if you buy a pair of our shoes this service will be FREE. *Regular price is £15.


We stock the following brands

Hoka Peak Run Ride
Hoka Peak Run Ride
Balega running socks